Bridging the Gap to a Responsible + Sustainable Energy Future

The global energy landscape is rapidly changing, and we’re here to accelerate that change.

From the decommissioning of high-carbon power assets, accelerated expansion of renewable energy resources as baseload power, to the advent of the prosumer. The rapid changes on today's energy grid have never been greater. WattBridge was conceived by power industry experts to enable the sustained integration of highly efficient, reduced carbon power generation assets in power markets.

What We Are Doing is Vital

The transformation from our legacy power generation past to a cleaner, greener, more optimized energy future is happening now on every grid across the planet. But it’s not an easy task. Our grid was built piece by piece over the last century. Even with today’s latest technologies we can’t simply flip the switch to a carbon neutral power grid, it must be done pragmatically, strategically, and safely to ensure the lights never go out. This is why we created WattBridge.

Our Guiding Principals


Provide a single source solution for energy customers to safely and cost effectively transition from high-carbon producing power assets to cleaner, greener, sustainable energy resources.

Wind Turbine

Create a proven pathway for the integration and enablement of renewable resources such as wind and solar as baseload power.

Battery Pack

Accelerate the innovation timeline of carbon-neutral power generation technologies including hydrogen power and energy storage with the speed and scale our planet requires.


The Dispatchability Gap

The progressive integration of renewable energy resources as baseload power is a positive change in our global energy landscape. However, it also creates challenging supply gaps for utilities when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining. Increasing the utilization of renewable energy assets on the grid today requires the increased deployment of quick-start dispatchable power as back up.

The Solution

To accelerate the sustainable adoption of renewable power generation assets as baseload WattBridge is solving the dispatchability gap through the installation of highly efficient and reliable peaker plants engineered specifically for this application. The integration of clean and reliable natural gas powered aeroderivative turbine technology serving as back-up to wind and solar is a critical step in reducing emissions while maintaining safe and reliable energy production.


Solving For Today

The Economic Gap

Peaker plants must be always at the ready to fill intermittent and sudden power gaps. When called on, they can ramp to full power in minutes and power down just as efficiently, however these units spend a great deal of each day idle. For this reason, the installed cost per kW of a peaker plant is crucial to enabling the sustainable adoption of carbon-neutral assets as baseload. Until PowerFLX, the industry did not have a cost-effective, scalable solution. Instead, it has relied on high operating cost older inefficient units to provide dispatchable power.

The Solution

For the past decade, WattBridge through its parent company ProEnergy, has developed and refined a modular, flexible, power package that delivers the lowest installed cost per kW in the industry. WattBridge has created a simplified, integrated, and cost-effective pathway to support large scale renewable power generation utilizing high-efficiency LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbines.

Providing our customers with a single source point from inception through COD drives cost savings even higher and reduces costly errors. The vertical integration of industry leading manufacturing and EPC entities provides unmatched speed and precision in the development of critically needed peaker power stations.


Solving for Tomorrow

The Technology Gap

At WattBridge we're not tied to a single technology. Our mission is to accelerate a reduced carbon energy future and we have the capabilities, resources and technical expertise to deliver. We’re already hard at work on the next level of responsible, green, energy production and storage technologies.

  • Redeployable 50MW power stations that leave nothing behind
  • Conversion of existing natural gas turbine units to hydrogen
  • Grid-scale, modular energy storage technology
News & PR

Latest Updates

WattBridge Commissions New 288-MW Peaking-Power Facility in Fort Bend County, Texas


HOUSTON, TX (July 14, 2022) - WattBridge Energy, LLC announced that commercial operations have begun for its 288-MW Braes Bayou project, the company’s third peaking-power installation in ERCOT...


WattBridge Closes on $265 Million in Financing Led by EIG; Supports Expansion of Power Generation Platform by 480 MW


HOUSTON, TX (July 26, 2022) - WattBridge Energy announced closing on a HoldCo financing of $265 million in secured notes, which will fund the continued expansion of its fast-start peaking platform...


WattBridge Breaks Ground on Peak-Power Facility To Support Nearly 200,000 Homes in Brazoria County, Texas


HOUSTON, TX (September 30, 2021) - WattBridge Energy, LLC announced that the 288-MW Mark One project—the company’s fourth peak-power installation for ERCOT and the Greater Houston area in just 18 months...


WattBridge Provides Critically Needed Power to Texas Residents


HOUSTON, TX (March 1, 2021) The HO Clarke Power Station, located just southwest of Houston, Texas, was completed and fully operational before its originally scheduled COD. This early completion proved...

The Team

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Mike Alvarado

New Project Opportunities

Mike Alvarado

25+ Years of Experience

Mike has over 25 years of experience developing, financing, managing operations and leading P&L improvement of power generation assets. He has extensive development experience in multiple U.S. markets and has been responsible for operations, P&L and joint venture management of 3000 MW’s of U.S. and international operating assets.

Lee Shuman

Investment Related Questions

Lee Shuman

20+ Years of Experience

Lee has over 20 years of experience in the power sector where he has executed over $8 billion in transactions that include acquisitions, divestures, restructurings, greenfield/brownfield project developments, and financings.

Cliff Oliver

Portfolio / Operating Asset Related Questions

Cliff Oliver

20+ Years of Experience

Cliff has over 20 years of experience in the power industry focused around commercial trading, asset optimization and performance management of fossil based assets. In his various Commercial roles, he gained an extensive knowledge of the ERCOT and Eastern US Markets allowing him to develop and implement trade and bidding strategies around merchant based assets.

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Mike Alvarado

Mike Alvarado


Mike has led annual budgeting, capital investment planning and several P&L improvement efforts for 50,000 MW and 25,000 MW generation fleets, respectively, delivering over $1.5 billion in cumulative P&L improvement from 2010 thru 2017. He has also led multiple M&A operations integration efforts to form the two largest non-regulated generation portfolios in the U.S.

Mike has extensive international and emerging market experience in plant operations, business development, EPC, business start-up, capital investment and generation planning, having lived and worked internationally for over 20 years. His international operations and P&L experience involved responsibility for 300+ person operating asset union organizations, leading multiple successful union contract negotiations resulting in asset life extensions.

Mike’s more recent focus has been leading the development, origination and financing of the WattBridge 1150 MW ERCOT fast start peaking asset portfolio. He is responsible for all aspects of development, capital raise, debt marketing, deal origination, offtake agreements, credit agreement negotiation, project infrastructure, portfolio operations and P&L. Mike and the WattBridge team have raised $750M of capital and achieved 4 project financial closings over a span of 10 months thru November 2020 and brought an additional 1500 MW’s to advanced stages of development.

Prior to his ERCOT efforts, Mike had significant experience developing and closing projects in Nevada, California and Arizona including bring the 550 MW CC Walter Higgins generating station to commercial operation and achieving CEC approval of the San Miguel generating peaking station in CAISO.

  • Led development and financing of 1150 MW’s of fast start capacity in ERCOT
  • $750M capital raised and 4 projects closed since December 2019
  • Extensive development experience in California, Nevada and Arizona
  • Deep P&L experience managing generation portfolios
  • Led M&A operations integration of two largest U.S. non-utility generation fleets
Lee Shuman

Lee Shuman


Prior to WattBridge, Lee worked as the Managing Director, Corporate Development at GenOn Holdings, a private equity owned independent power producer. In this role, Lee coordinated transaction execution for debt financings, divestitures, project development, and asset optimization initiatives.

Prior to GenOn, Lee was the Senior Vice-President Project Finance and Development for SolAmerica Energy, a privately held solar development and construction firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. In this role, Lee led the greenfield development and sale of portfolios of solar projects and supports business development efforts as the company expanded into new markets.

Lee began his career in the energy sector at Mirant (a predecessor to GenOn, later acquired by NRG). Lee worked at Mirant for over 10 years where he rose from analyst to director in various accounting, finance and asset management roles while managing the implementation of corporate and subsidiary transactions.

After Mirant, Lee enhanced his experience with leadership roles at MAS Energy, a global power development firm, where he led project finance efforts and at Stellar Energy, a global power solutions firm where served as CFO to lead all accounting, financing, and management reporting activities.

Lee holds a law degree (Juris Doctor) from The University of Georgia, a Master of Taxation and Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English and History from Emory University.

  • Over 20 years of transactional experience in the power sector developing and closing strategic transactions valued at over $8 billion
  • Experience in domestic (NYISO, CAISO, PJM, ERCOT, Southeast) and international markets (Caribbean, Asia)
  • Experience across technologies (Gas peakers and combined cycles, solar, wind, battery)
  • Experience across the project life cycle (development, construction, operations, restructuring, divestitures, retirements)
  • Diverse functional experience (project development, finance, accounting, tax, management reporting)
Cliff Oliver

Cliff Oliver


Strategies that enhanced both short and long term free cash flow. Cliff has also managed and optimized assets with a long term heat rate call option, maximizing value proposition of the contract and operational cost requirements of the asset.

Cliff has extensive business operations and asset management experience at one of the largest deregulated portfolios in the U.S. Cliff led the development, implementation and enhancement of a capex and opex planning analytical decision making process utilized to improve generation performance, mitigate risk and optimize capital investment, while maximizing profitability and shareholder’s return. His team’s effort were responsible for the repositioning the 30,000MW US fossil-based portfolio that delivered $1.5B spend improvement over seven years.

Since joining WattBridge in December 2018, Cliff has been as a key member of the WattBridge Development team leading and managing all aspects of development, origination and assisting with financing requirements of WattBridge’s 1150 MW ERCOT portfolio. The WattBridge team have raised $750M of capital and achieved 4 project financial closings over a span of 10 months thru November 2020 and brought an additional 1500 MW’s to advanced stages of development. In addition to his development role, Cliff is also responsible the execution of all owner’s responsibilities and oversight of the development to commercial operations.

  • Key contributor to the development and financing of 1150 MW’s of fast start capacity in ERCOT
  • Extensive commercial, asset management and business operations experience at one of the largest deregulated power portfolios in the U.S.
  • Disciplined, value driven trading manager overseeing natural gas power plants in multiple power markets in the U.S.
  • Proven track record in delivering significant improvement to EBITDA and FCF while mitigating risk
  • Responsible for performance reporting and improvement processes in largest deregulated generation fleet in the U.S.